Moroccan Arabic Step by Step

Who is this course for?

Have you ever tried learning Moroccan Arabic (Darija) before? Was it hard?

Even though you’ve learned some vocabulary, you still can’t strike up a conversation? Do other people seem confused when you speak Moroccan Arabic?

Do you feel frustrated because you still cannot understand Moroccan Arabic speakers easily?

Learn Moroccan Arabic in a New Way:

Learn step by step

Learn naturally like a child

Don’t focus on grammar rules much

Learn with your ears, not your eyes

Learn actively by answering simple questions

How You Learn Faster When You Enroll in the Course Today:

Use Moroccan Arabic grammar correctly by learning grammar in a natural way.

Lessons that help you learn Moroccan Arabic without boredom.

Remember Moroccan Arabic words and grammar  and use them in real conversations. 

Learn Moroccan Arabic in a relaxing way, in a step by step approach, using words and phrases right away

What Students Are Saying About The Course

This is a great course for an absolute beginner like me. The pacing is just right- not too fast and not too slow. I like that I can review as much as I choose, when I choose. I felt a sense of accomplishment pretty quickly because the course is chunked into small, manageable lessons. I am an English teacher so I really can relate to the struggles a language learner faces. This course takes those struggles into account and is very approachable and "user friendly". I highly recommend giving it a try. Abdeljabar has put a lot of thought into his lessons and he is very open to ideas and suggestions from his students to see that their learning styles and learning needs are all taken into account.

Donny Powers

I'm loving this course so far! Very simple and builds gradually. It's perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to brush up on their Darija!


a great course at a perfect pace for a beginner.

Oliver Wells

Moroccan Arabic Step by Step curriculum


Unit 1

  • Lesson 1 (11:12) Preview
  • Lesson 2 (08:34) Preview
  • Lesson 3 (06:23) Preview
  • Lesson 4 (07:34)
  • Lesson 5 (08:33)
  • Lesson 6 (15:06)
  • Lesson 7 (06:19)
  • Lesson 8 (12:55) Preview

Unit 2

  • Lesson 9 (10:18) Preview
  • Lesson 10 (11:11)
  • Lesson 11 (09:12)
  • Lesson 12 (13:25)
  • Lesson 13 (13:28)
  • Lesson 14 (09:55)
  • Lesson 15 (09:12)

Section 4

About the instructor

Abdeljabar Taoufikallah

Abdeljabar is passionate about languages; he got a bachelor degree in English studies - linguistics, and a degree in computer programming. He is a web developer, a blogger and an instructor.

With an experience of teaching Moroccan Arabic, Darija online since 2014 and with his passion for languages, Abdeljabar is determined to teach Moroccan Arabic to foreigners.