Moroccan Arabic Grammar

What you'll learn

Speaking with better grammar

Mastering sentence structure

Mastering verb conjugation

Who is this course for?

If you're just starting out in learning Moroccan Arabic (Darija),

Or you can somewhat speak Moroccan Arabic already,

You can benefit from this course to get the hang of the Moroccan Arabic grammar.


The Moroccan Arabic grammar course is written by me, Abdeljabar Taoufikallah, a native speaker of Moroccan Arabic (Darija) in order to help every Darija enthusiastic: whether you're an expat, a seasoned traveller, or married to a Moroccan guy or woman and living in Morocco for life.

This course will be updated with new lessons every week.

What Students Are Saying About The Course

Excellent! Shokran bezaf :)


Shukran bzzaf :)


Moroccan Arabic Grammar curriculum

Verb Tenses

  • Past tense (04:01)
  • Present tense (04:25)
  • Future tense (03:47)


  • Simple sentence Part I (02:38)
  • Simple sentence Part 2 (02:14)


  • Subject pronouns (02:30)
  • Object pronouns (03:19)
  • Possessive Pronouns (02:57)
  • Demonstrative Pronouns (03:19)
  • Indefinite Pronouns (02:19)


  • Definiteness (02:04)
  • Gender (03:31)
  • Sound plural (03:02)
  • Broken plural PART I (08:35)
  • Broken plural PART II (05:53)
  • Nisba (01:56)
  • Diminutive (02:45)


  • Gender in Adjectives (01:33)
  • Plural in Adjectives (04:31)
  • Comparative Adjectives (02:39)

About the instructor

Abdeljabar Taoufikallah

Abdeljabar is passionate about languages; he got a bachelor degree in English studies - linguistics, and a degree in computer programming. He is a web developer, a blogger and an instructor.

With an experience of teaching Moroccan Arabic, Darija online since 2014 and with his passion for languages, Abdeljabar is determined to teach Moroccan Arabic to foreigners.