Monika Jdida – New Doll

Darija text

Karima kant 3andha wa7ed lmonika zwina u 3ziza 3liha bezzaf; tatbqa tel3eb biha nnhar kamel. Karima 3andha wa7ed khuha smitu Mouad.

3reftu shnu dar Mouad l’lmonika dyal khtu Karima? Wa7ed nnhar, shaf khtu tatl3eb b’lmonika dyalha u huwa ykh6efha liha men yedha u harres l’lmonika yedha u ntef liha sh3erha. Melli shaftu karima, bqat tatbki 7ta sem3atha mha u jat tshuf shnu waqe3.

Melli 3erfat shnu dar Mouad l’lmonika dyal khtu, ghawtat 3lih u galt lih: “nta ma m2addebsh.” Sekktat Karima u 3enqatha u galt liha: ma tebkish; safi ana ghada neshri lik monika jdida.

Darija text in Arabic

كريمة كانت عندها واحد المونيكة زوينة و عزيزة عليها بزاف، تتبقى تلعب بيها النهار كامل بيها النهار كامل. كريمة عندها واحد خوها سميتو معاد.

عرفتو شنو دار معاد للمونيكة ديال ختو كريمة؟ واحد النهار شاف ختو تتلعب بالمونيكة ديالها وهو يخطفها ليها من يدها وهرس للمونيكة يدها و نتف ليها شعرها. ملي شافتو كريمة بقات تتبكي حتى سمعهاتها مها وجات تشوف شنو واقع.

ملي عرفات شنو دار معاد للمونيكة ديال ختو، غوتات عليه وقالت ليه: انت ما مأدبش. سكتات كريمة وعنقاتها و قالت ليها: ما تبكيش، صافي أنا غادة نشري ليك مونيكة جديدة.

English translation

Karima had a beautiful doll; she loved it so much. She’d play with it all day long. Karima had a brother whose name was Mouad.

Do you know what Mouad did to his sister Karima’s doll? One day, he saw his sister playing with her doll; he snatched it from her, broke the doll’s arm and plucked its hair. When Karima saw him, she cried over and over until her mother heard her and came to see what’s going on.

When she found out what Mouad did to his sister’s doll, she reproached him and said, “You’re impolite”. She calmed and cuddled her, and then said, “Don’t cry! I will buy you a new doll.”


Shnu kan 3and Karima?

Wash kant 3ziza lmonika 3la Karima?

Shnu kanet tatdir Karima b’lmonika?

Shnu smit khu karima?

Shnu dar khu Karima l’lmonika dyalha?

Shnu dart Karima melli shafet shnu dar khuha l’lmonika dyalha?

Shnu daret um Karima melli sem3atha tatbki?

Shnu galt um Karima l’ Mouad ?

U shnu galt l’ Karima ?


Kan: to be

Wa7ed: a, a certain (sth)

Monika: doll

Zwin(a): handsome, beautiful

3ziz(a): dear

3la: on, about

3ziz(a) 3la: dear on (someone)

L3eb: to play

B(i): with, by

Ha: her, it (feminine), them

Nhar: day

Kamel: whole, all, complete

3and: at., translates as a verb in English, to own or have; 3andi I have, 3andha she has

Akh: brother; khuha her brother

Smiya: name; smitu his name

3ref: to know

Shnu: what

Dyal: of (possession); dyal khtu his sister’s

Ukht: sister; khtu his sister

Shaf: to see,

Howa: he

Kh6ef: to snatch,

Harres: to break

Yed: hand

Ntef: to pluck

Sh3er: hair

Bqa: to stay, to keep; this verb acts a modal in Darija. For example in the text, bqat tatbqi . Lit. she kept crying; meaning: she cried non-stop.

Bka: to cry

7ta: until

Sme3: to hear

Um: mother, mha her mother, um karima Karima’s mother

Ja: to come

Shaf: to see

Wqe3: to happen

Waqe3: going on, happening

Melli: when, while

Ghawwet: to reproach, to cry

Gal: to say

Nta: you (masculine)

Nti: you (feminine)

M2addeb: polite, ma m2addebsh impolite, rude

Sekket: to quiet or calm (someone) down

3enneq: to hold close, cuddle

Safi: alright, fine

Ghada: going, modal verb meaning (will or going to)

Shra: to buy

Jdid(a): new

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