Verb Types

In this post we illustrate the different verb types you may encounter in Darija. The 3-letter verbs are the most common in Darija. The 4-letter and 5-letter verbs are extensions of the 3-letter verbs.

Verbs with 3 letters

Verbs with 3 consonants in sequence

Ex: kteb (write), b7et (search), zre3 (plant), sna3 (create), 3raf (know), 6la9 (release)

Here, the vowels A and E don’t count because they are there for easy pronunciation only.

Verbs ending with the vowel A

Ex: msha (go), kla (eat), 9ra (read), ghla (become expensive), 36a (give)

Verbs with the vowel A in the middle

Ex: ban (appear), fat (pass), zar (visit), ra7 (leave), shaf (see, look), 3ash (live), 6ar (fly)

Verbs with 4 letters

Verbs with 4 consonants in sequence

Ex: 3ammer (fill), 3ayye6 (call), 3awwel (rely on), 9arrer (decide), akked (confirm), 9tare7 (suggest), da77ek (make someone laugh)

Verbs with 3 consonants plus the vowel A (long) after the first letter

Ex: 3alej (cure), 7awel (try), 9aren (compare), balegh (exaggerate)

The vowel A is counted for here, because in pronunciation the vowel A is long here (double aa)

Verbs with 3 consonants plus the vowel A (long) after the second letter

Ex: sfar (become yellow), 7mar (become red)

Verbs starting with the letter T

Ex: tdhesh (get surprised), t9tel (get killed), t9ad (get adjusted, start functioning again)

Verbs with 5 letters

Verbs starting with the letter T

Ex: tbarze6 (get annoyed), tkallekh (become stupid), t2akked (make sure)

Verbs starting with the letters “ST” altogether

Ex: stentej (infer), stemte3 (enjoy)

This was an attempt to illustrate the verb types in Darija. Next will be a post on how to conjugate these different verb types.

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