These are the prepositions we use in Darija. We will discuss them in depth under the transition from English to Darija later.

About – 3la

Are you talking about that movie?

Wash tathdar 3la dak lfilm?

After – men ba3d, men wra

What do you do after work?

Shnu tatdir men ba3d ma tatsali khdemtek?

Against – ded

Everyone voted against the new candidate.

Kulshi sawwet ded lcandidat jdid.

Among – bin, binat, wes6

The thief quickly disappeared among the crowd.

Deghia ghber ssheffar wes6 ennass.

Around – 3la

An airplane was circling around the city.

Wa7ed 6eyyara kanet tatdur 3la lmdina.

At – 3la, m3a, f (different uses)

Alright, I’ll see you at 3 o’clock.

Safi, nshufek m3a 3 (tlata).

She lives at Mohamed V street.

Tatskun f shari3 Mohammed lkhamis.

Below – te7t

Search under the sofa.

9alleb te7t sseddari.

Between – Bin

You shouldn’t eat between breakfast and lunch.

Ma khasseksh takul bin lf6ur o lghda.

By – b, bi

You can also reserve a room by phone.

Imken lik treservé/t7jez chamber b telephone.

Except – illa

Everyone passed the exam except for you.

For – L or li

It’s impossible for me.

Ma imkensh lia.

Kulshi nje7flmti7an illa nta.

From – Men

You’ve got 15 minutes from home to the train station.

3andek 15 (khesmsta3esh) d9i9a men eddar lma7a6a dial tran.

In – f

He lives in Ouejda.

Tayskun f Ouejda.

In front of – 9eddam

I’m standing in front of the library right now.

Ana wa9ef 9eddam lmektaba daba.

On – 3la

I put it on the table.

7a6itha 3la tabla.

Until – 7ta

I won’t go until you come.

Ma nemshi 7ta tji.

With – m3a

Are you coming with me?

Ghadi tji m3aya?

Without – bla b, bla bi

We can’t go without you.

Ma imkensh nemshiw bla bik.

Outside – Barra

I saw them outside the house.

Shefthum barra eddar.

Over – Fu9

Hang that picture over the door.

3alle9 dik tswira fu9 lbab.

To – L

We are travelling to Casa tomorrow evening.

Ghadin nsafru l Casa ghedda fl3shiya.

This is it for prepositions in Darija. We may add more examples later. So keep in touch!

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