Conversation in Darija Lesson 1

This is our first real life conversation lesson. Two men at the coffee discussing whether one of them should buy a car or not from another friend.

At the coffee – fl9ahwa

Real conversation in Darija

A: Lbare7, mshit lsu9 net9edda shwia dial khudra u ana ntla9a dak siyed li t9ehwa m3ana dik marra… 3raftih?

B: La ma 39altsh mezian…f ina 9ahwaa be3da?

A: Hadi nit a sa7bi. malek deghia tatnsa? lmuhim, ra gal lia 3andu shi  6omobil baghi ibi3ha. Ash ban lik?

B: Kifash shnu ban lia?

A: ze3ma wash nshriha men 3andu?

B: …

Real conversation in English

A: Yesterday, I went to the market to get some vegetables and I met that guy who was with us the other day… You know who I’m talking about?

B: I have no idea… in which café were we?

A: In this very café. Man, you forget so quickly. Anyway, he told me that he has a car that he wants to sell. What do you think?

B: What do you mean what do I think?

A: I mean do you think it’s a good idea to buy it?

B: …

We will try to continue our conversation lessons in Darija. Keep in touch!

Glossary of English and Moroccan Arabic

Here’s the list of all the words we used in this small conversation.

[table id=2 /]

5 thoughts on “Conversation in Darija Lesson 1

  • Hi,
    I find your website to be quite nice, and there is a lot of potential. I very much like the sortable glossary.

    However, as a professional language teacher (I teach English), your first conversation lesson is way too difficult, as it includes past tense and relative pronouns. A first lesson should focus on things introductions (my name is, I come from, I’m married, I’m a [job]) and leave at that. Add common jobs for people to insert and practice.

    I hope you continue though. Good luck, I will come back

    • Thank you very much, for your comment, Michael. I appreciate it. I know the conversation is a bit hard, yeah! I wasn’t focusing on giving a planned beginner to advanced lessons in conversation. How Moroccans really spoke Darija was my focus. However, I plan to focus on conversations step by step, and I’ll take your feedback in consideration.

      Thank you again!

  • Good morning…

    I saw a lot of numbers between or among words… How can I understand Darija with these dificulties? I`m Brazilan and I speak Portuguese. Why is write from this way?
    Darija is a wonderful way of communication, but I think I never can learn it with these lessons.

    Thank you very much

    Neuza Maria

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