Moroccan Arabic Step By Step via Skype

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About The Course

About Moroccan Arabic Step By Step via Skype

The Moroccan Arabic Step By Step course is designed as its name suggests in a step by step approach allowing you to learn and acquire Moroccan Arabic little by little taking a step further each time you take a class.

You will learn new words and phrases as you go. You will be able to make a sentence of two words, then three words until you're able to make a complex sentence.

More importantly, you will be able to speak to your Moroccan friends, spouse, spouse's relatives and your children in Moroccan Arabic.

Don't hesitate to go ahead and practice after each lesson. Only with practice will you be able to get better.

Meet your tutor

Abdeljabar Taoufikallah

Abdeljabar Taoufikallah holder of a bachelor degree in linguistics loves learning and teaching foreign languages. He speaks Moroccan Arabic (native speaker), English and French and he knows a little of Spanish, Italian, Japanese and German.