Present Tenses Transition

Introduction to the present tenses transition

When you want to speak Darija, you probably transition from English to Darija; that’s why I came up with this post; to make it easy for English speakers to learn to speak Darija in an easy and smooth way. First, we start with how to transition the present tenses from English to Darija.

The present simple

For more information on the present tense, please visit the present tense page.

When something is generally true

The sun sets in the west.

Sshemsh tatghrub f jiht lgharb.

(The sun sets in the side of the west.)

Permanent situations

I live in Tangiers.

Tanskun f tanja.

(I) live in Tangiers.


She plays tennis every morning. › Tatl3ab tennis kulla sba7.

So here, we use the present tense in Darija. Click here to read more about the present tense.