Verb Conjugation Part 1

In this post, we’re going to explore the different approaches to the different verb types and how we can do verb conjugation in Darija. First we start with the 3-letter verbs, verbs that contain 3 letters only.

 Verbs containing 3 consonants

Example: 3raf (to know)

The Verb 3raf in the Past Tense

3raft (I knew)

3rafti (You knew)

3raf (He knew)

3arfat (She knew)

3rafna (We knew)

3raftu (You knew. Pl)

3arfu (They knew)

The Verb 3raf in the Present tense

Tan3raf (I know)

Tat3raf (you know)

Tat3arfi (you know. Fem)

Tay3raf (He knows)

Tat3raf (she knows)

Tan3arfu (we know)

Tat3arfu ( you know. Pl)

Tay3arfu (they know)

The Verb 3raf in the Future Tense

Ghadi n3raf (I will know)

Ghada n3raf (I will know. Fem)

Ghadi t3raf (you will know)

Ghada t3arfi (you will know. Fem)

Ghadi i3raf (he will know)

Ghada t3raf (she will know)

Ghadin n3arfu (we will know)

Ghadin t3arfu (you will know)

Ghadin i3arfu (they will know)

The verb 3raf in the Imperative

3raf (you)

3arfi (you. fem)

3arfu (you. pl)

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