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About The Moroccan Arabic Step By Step Course

This course is for you if:

You love Morocco and would love to visit soon; you'd love to learn Moroccan Arabic and enjoy friendly conversations with Moroccan people; you'd love to shop and buy things on your own.

You are a Moroccan citizen but living abroad and didn't learn Moroccan Arabic from your parents, and now you feel it's time to learn your mother tongue.

You are married to a Moroccan citizen and would love to speak to your spouse, your children in Moroccan Arabic?

My course 'Moroccan Arabic Step by Step' will help you:

Learn to speak Moroccan Arabic by making your own sentences right on the very first lesson. Bit by bit, you’ll be able to produce more sophisticated sentences in Moroccan Arabic.

Grasp grammar through context step by step as you learn new words and phrases to make your own sentences.

Learn to pronounce the words right as you will be introduced with new words during the course.

  • Learn to speak Moroccan Arabic the easy way

  • You will learn Moroccan Arabic grammar effortlessly

  • Learn Moroccan Arabic vocabulary as you go through the lessons

  • You will learn to pronounce the words right as we introduce each one by one

About the instructor

Abdeljabar Taoufikallah

Founder & Instructor
Abdel­jabar Taoufikallah, the founder of HelloDarija.com, received a bach­e­lor degree in Eng­lish Lin­guis­tics from the uni­ver­sity of Mohamed 5 Agdal in Rabat. He enjoys learn­ing and teach­ing lan­guages; that is why he decided to teach his native lan­guage, Moroc­can Ara­bic, also known as Dar­ija. He’ll do his best to help you learn to speak it, insha Allah!

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