Moroccan Arabic Online

What is Darija?

Dar­ija is the vari­ety of Ara­bic spo­ken in the Maghreb, North Africa; more specif­i­cally though, it refers to the dialect spo­ken in Morocco, referred to as Moroc­can Ara­bic.  You would want to learn Moroc­can Ara­bic to com­mu­ni­cate with the locals in the mar­ket, shops, cafés. How­ever you can­not use Moroc­can Ara­bic Dar­ija in a busi­ness con­text or in for­mal let­ters. It is highly advis­able to learn Stan­dard Ara­bic also referred to as Fusha (fus7a).

Is Moroc­can Ara­bic a writ­ten language?

Not offi­cially though! But you can learn to chat in Moroc­can Ara­bic either in Roman let­ters or Ara­bic let­ters (if you already know Ara­bic). Most of Moroc­cans type Moroc­can Ara­bic in Roman let­ters though. So you can just learn how to write or type in Moroc­can Ara­bic with Roman letters.

How can I Learn Moroc­can Arabic?

On Hello Dar­ija, you can learn to speak Moroc­can Ara­bic through our free lessons.